How to start a thriving dietitian business

Winging it is not a strategy when it comes to building your nutrition practice as a dietitian nutritionist.

You went to uni for far too long to learn about food, nutrition and health and I know they taught you nothing about running your own business. There are people out there that need you. So let's connect them with you so you can achieve all it is you want to achieve and help all those you want to help.

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    Brianna Fear-Keen

    The Ambitious Dietitian

    Who am I?

    I equip dietitians with the right support, the right resources and mentoring to thrive. I want dietitians to embrace challenges, make something of their own, succeed and actually enjoy the process of being in business.

    In this training you will learn how to:

    • Get clear on your niche
    • Design your signature offer
    • Create a marketing strategy
    • Map out a clear client journey for leads/sales
    • Develop partnerships to increase referrals